Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ligitimate and Illgitimate Love

Sentimentalism , or in other words , romantic longing , makes itself known most often under the guise of 'love' . For example , as we will explore on following pages the romantic nationalists claim to love their country , for which reason they are hostile or even aggressive towards other nations ., or we may consider a young man in love with a girl which he turns into the sole focus of his life : what leads him to write her poetry saying 'i love u' and to become obsessed with her to point of suicide , and , in fact , to " divinise " her , is the nation of 'love'.

As for the majority of people , they think that every emotion to which the of 'love' is ascribed is virtuous , pure and even holy , and that examples of mentioned above , are prefectly acceptable .

Love is indeed a wonderful emotion , accorded to humanity by God , but it is important to distinguish whether that love is real or not , and to consider who it is directed to and what sentiments it is founded on.

Such investigation should make apparent the difference between a sentimentalism that leads to preverse love , and real love , as revealed to us by God in the Qu'ran . These issues we will examine in this book . But first , by the way of preliminary information , let us give the meaning of love as it is found in Qu'ran .

According to the Qu'ran , love is to be shown to those who deserve it . Those who do not deservs it are not to be loved . We are even to distance ourselves from them emotionally , or , at least , to not feel inclined towards them . Bur those who deservs love , deservs it because of their virtue . The only being who deservs absolute love is God , who created us all . God brought us into existence , proffered us with the countless blessings we enjoy , showed us the way , and promised us everlasting paradise He helps us out of every anxiety and graciously hears our every call . It is He who feeds us until we are satisfied , cures us when we ill and then restores our spirit =)

P/s : take from 5tahun 5bulan by Hlovate

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